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“e” inc. has been developing confident and engaged student scientists and active conservationists since 2003. We accomplish, this through award-winning hands-on science teaching, paired with student-led action projects. “e” inc. is a community-based outreach organization. It brings science and civic engagement to schools, to after-schools, and to teen ChangeMaker teams in Boston and Cambridge. The majority of its work is in urban areas teaching under-served children.


“e” inc. remains ‘in-residence’ at every site for the year – teaching across each partner school or after school. All our students do science experiments, investigations, projects, re-creations, etc., to understand how the Earth, and its systems, work. Their action tasks can include gardens in the schoolyard, bake sales to buy rainforest land, controlling electricity across a school building, biking to after-school, and much more.


In addition to our community work, “e” inc. has a learning center currently providing one-of-a-kind programs for local children. Our headquarters is in the Charlestown Navy Yard, which hosts our science shop and events for neighborhood families.



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Climate Change and Adaptation

Community Relations

Educational Institution

Energy Efficiency

Green Building Design

Natural Resources Consulting

Public Education