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Eco-Genesis Corporation is a locally owned and operated environmental consulting firm based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. We have been in business and a member of the local community for over 25 years, and have a small but quality team of environmental professionals. We build long-term client relationships and look to do multiple projects with clients as repeat business. With one of our long-term clients, we have successfully completed over 1,600 projects. We have the resources to get each project done right the first time, on time.


We provide environmental consulting services to support the management of contaminated buildings and sites. Our services can range widely in complexity and scope, from a single test to comprehensive evaluation of a large multi-building complex, depending on the specific site challenge being addressed. For each project we undertake, we gather information, work with the client to set project objectives, define regulatory implications, and develop a conceptual model for the work. Communication, technical competence, and integrity of service are the keys to our firm’s success.



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