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Davey Resource Group, Inc. “DRG” provides natural resource consulting services to clients throughout New England. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Davey Tree Expert Company, DRG operates on the premise that the natural and built environment can co-exist for the benefit of people and their communities. Service offerings include: invasive pest (plant and animal) control and integrated vegetation management; urban and community forestry consultation, inventories, and management; and environmental consulting, planning, and permitting.


The Davey Tree Expert Company was founded in Kent, Ohio in 1880 and incorporated in 1909. Employee owned since 1979, The Davey Tree Expert Company is the largest employee-owned company in the State of Ohio and one of the top 15 largest in the U.S. Today, The Davey Tree Expert Company employs more than 9,000 people and provides tree, shrub, and lawn care, large tree moving, grounds management, vegetation management, and consulting services throughout North America.



Service Category:

Biological Assessments and Surveys

GIS Services

Natural Resources Consulting

Water Resource Management

Wetlands Management