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In Massachusetts, B&D provides counsel on the full spectrum of environmental law including land use, environmental, and all related litigation. We offer counsel to ongoing industrial and commercial operations, and our focus is on working through complex rules to achieve the goals of our clients. B&D advises our clients on development issues beginning at site control, advancing through zoning and permitting strategy, permitting from federal, state and local agencies, ensuing litigation and ongoing operational support. The firm has 100 lawyers in 7 U.S. offices that help clients around the world resolve environmental, natural resource, and sustainability issues relating to their facilities, products, and operations. B&D focuses on delivering outstanding client service and value through strategic advice, regulatory compliance counseling, transaction and project development support,or representation in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.



Service Category:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Brownfields Redevelopment

EH&S Compliance

Energy Facility Permitting/Siting/Development

Environmental Due Diligence

Hazardous Materials

Legal Services

Natural Resources Consulting

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Pollution Prevention and Control

Site Assessment

Site Remediation

Stormwater Management

Wastewater Management

Wetlands Management