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Below is a listing of individuals interested in positions with environmental and energy companies and organizations. Posting a resume to the EBC Career Center is complimentary for job seekers. If you are interested in one of the following job seekers please contact him or her directly as the EBC Career Center is a host for these postings and is not a direct contact.

Resumes are posted for three months.

Posted Name Resume Field of Interest
3/15/21 Shubhra Verma View Corporate Sustainability; ESG Investing
3/1/21 Andre Wu View Internship; Environmental; Sustainability; Consulting; Planning
2/22/21 Emelyn Chiang View Environmental Engineering
2/22/21 Allison Koch View Sustainable Community Development; Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning
2/17/21 Kiersten Dinda View Sustainability; Renewable Energy; Environmental Health & Science; GIS; Planning
2/10/21 Georgette Tso View Environmental Engineering; Ecology; Coastal Management; Aquaculture
1/26/21 Meidi Badel View Site Remediation; Drinking Water; Environmental Data Analysis and Modeling
1/26/21 Bernd Geels View Climate Change; Environmental Planning; Policy Analysis (Disabilities)
1/21/21 Michael Karasik View
1/19/21 Stephen Rice View Envionmental science or (Gis Arc desktop)
1/6/21 Amir Qudaih View Civil and Environmental Engineering; Renewable Energy; Project Management
1/4/21 Tiffany Rae Duhl View Remediation; Atmospheric Science; Water Resources; Interdisciplinary Science
11/16/20 Charlotte Del Col View Impact or ESG Investing; Clean Energy Consulting
11/9/20 Erin Moran View Sustainability