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Below is a listing of individuals interested in positions with environmental and energy companies and organizations. Posting a resume to the EBC Career Center is complimentary for job seekers. If you are interested in one of the following job seekers please contact him or her directly as the EBC Career Center is a host for these postings and is not a direct contact.

Resumes are posted for three months.

Posted Name Resume Field of Interest
09/28/20 Elizabeth Stanbrough View Civil Engineering
09/17/20 Carolyn Giusti View Environmental Policy;Environmental Justice;Government
09/08/20 Ian Kervick-Jimenez View Financial Services and Economic Development
09/08/20 Mary Beth Wright View Environmental
09/08/20 Karen Shilo View
08/28/20 Jeremy Fontaine View Environmental Consulting; Monitoring; Land Mitigation; Zoology; Conservation
08/25/20 Jonathan Monderer View  Conservation; Environmental Consulting; Environmental Research
08/17/20 Ganesh B View Land Survey
07/27/20 Tyler Curlis View Wind/Solar Field Engineer
07/20/20 Frances Eisinger View Air quality; Climate Change; Transportation & Environmental Engineering
07/20/20 Aswira Siraj Pasha View Carbon Management; Business Sustainability; Data Analysis; Policy
07/10/20 Olivia Baud View Marketing/Communications
06/08/20 Stephanie Eggers View Renewable Energy Research; Energy Portfolio Diversification; Climate Initiatives