The Government/Nonprofit Rate is available to those employed by government agencies, nonprofit organizations,  educational institutions, or municipalities. This rate does not apply to those volunteering as board members, committee members, or other non-employment roles within government agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, or municipalities.

The EBC Ascending Professionals Rate is available to those working for an EBC Member Company who have worked in the environmental/energy sector for less than 10 years.

The Job Seeker Rate is available to those who are currently unemployed. This rate is not applicable to those who are self-employed.

At this time there is no Student Rate. Please contact the EBC directly for information about attending an EBC program as a student.

All available presentations from every EBC program are posted to the EBC website, in PDF format, 3-5 business days after the completion of a program. Occasionally a speaker will request that their presentation is not shared publicly in which case it will not be posted.

Virtual EBC programs are recorded with permission from the speakers. Recordings are made publicly available one month after the completion of the virtual program.

Yes, at-the-door registration is always available for EBC programs. On the rare occasion EBC cannot accept at-the-door registration it will be made clear on the EBC website.

Please not that EBC does assess a “late” fee for at-the-door registrations.

Yes, EBC is happy to accept substitute attendees at any time. If at all possible, let an EBC staff member know in advance that a substitution is occurring.

All EBC Memberships begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

Membership to EBC is corporate and covers all professional employees based in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

No, EBC does not offer an individual membership. Members must be incorporated either as sole practitioners, corporations, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, government agencies, or educational institutions.

If a parent company joins the EBC, all employees, even of subsidiaries, can take advantage of the member benefits. Only the parent company will be listed on EBC materials. If the subsidiary company would like to be listed separately, they can join the EBC at a 50% discount.

If sister companies would like to join the EBC, each company is required to join individually.

First, for-profit companies and businesses should use the Corporate Rates. Government agencies, municipalities, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations should use the Government/Nonprofit Rates.

Then, add up all the professional, full-time staff your company employs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Use this number to find the membership level for your company.

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