Page Last Updated May 7, 2024

Offshore Wind Working Group

The mission of the EBC Offshore Wind Working Group, which is part of the EBC Energy Resources Committee, is to identify and address offshore wind issues impacting the development of the offshore wind industry in New England and beyond. These issues are addressed by providing objective information from up-to-date and reliable sources including government officials, technology developers, and business experts.

To implement this mission statement, the committee will:

  • Organize programs, workshops and conferences on major topics concerning offshore wind.
  • Organize networking events that create opportunities for the EBC membership to meet important stakeholders, including offshore wind developers, potential clients, and other EBC members.
  • Create and foster an open and ongoing exchange with legislators and regulators.

Issues include:

  • Federal and State Regulatory Developments
  • Permitting
  • Developer projects
  • Planning, Leasing, & Development
  • Siting
  • Maritime Navigation and Safety
  • Turbine Developments
  • Floating Turbines
  • Supply Chain
  • Energy Storage
  • Port and Infrastructure Developments
  • Transmission Cables
  • Impact on and integration into the electric grid in New England
  • Impact Mitigation
  • Fisheries, Endangered Species and Environmental impacts
  • State Procurement
  • Job Creation

The EBC Offshore Wind Working Group was established in December 2020.