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Updated as of February 2, 2021

Ascending Professionals are any professional working in the Environmental and/or Energy sectors for less than 10 years.

Mission Statement

The mission of the EBC Ascending Professionals Committee is to identify issues of concern to young (and new) environmental professionals. Issues include but are not limited to career and professional skills development, understanding existing and developing legislation and regulations, and networking. These issues are addressed by providing objective information from up-to-date and reliable sources including EBC member company officials, EBC committee chairs, and experts in skills development.

To implement this mission statement, the committee will:

  • Organize quarterly committee program planning meetings where committee members can network and plan upcoming committee programming.
  • Organize seminars, workshops on career and professional skills development skills and other topics of concern.
  • Organize networking opportunities for young environmental professionals to gather with their peers.
  • Participate in the EBC Career Fair and other programs and interact with students in environmental fields to provide information about careers in the environmental and energy industry.

Membership in the EBC Ascending Professionals Committee is offered to those who participate in at least one EBC Ascending Professionals Program and one other EBC Program, either through the Ascending Professionals or any other program offered by EBC, per calendar year (two programs total – basic requirement).

“Year(ish) in Review” Flyer

The EBC Ascending Professionals Committee is excited to present the “Year(ish) in Review” Flyer! This flyer recaps the success of the committee and recognizes the dedication of the program chairs between August 2019 and December 2020.

This flyer details every program or event of the EBC Ascending Professionals Committee over the time period listed above, and recognizes the program chair(s) that helped make it a success. Also recognized are the sponsors and event partners that made them possible. In addition, industry professionals can learn more about the committee and the leadership team from the flyer.

The flyer can be found here.

Committee Leadership

Committee Chair

Cristina Mendoza, Senior Consultant
Sustainserv, Inc.
31 State Street, Boston, MA 02109
617.398.5304  //  cristina.mendoza@sustainserv.com

Committee Vice Chair

Elizabeth Desjardins, Staff Engineer
Tighe & Bond
1 University Ave, #100 Westwood, MA 02090
781.708.9835  //  ELDesjardins@tighebond.com

New Hampshire Representative

Danielle Sylvia, Environmental Engineer
Golder Associates
670 North Commercial Street, Suite 103, Manchester, NH 03101
603.668.0880  //  Danielle_Sylvia@golder.com

Connecticut Representative

Ryan Vescovi, Account Manager
US Ecology
89 Commercial Circle, Durham, CT 06422
203.942.7414  //  rvescovi@nrcc.com

Leadership Team

The members of the Ascending Professionals Committee Leadership Team will meet routinely with the committee chair and vice chair to identify topics for programs. Leadership Team members must participate in at least two out of the four program planning meetings each year and take on the role of program chair for at least one Ascending Professionals program. Leadership Team members must work for an EBC Member company.

Sarah Brown, Environmental Underwriter
Great American Insurance Group
31 St James Ave, Suite 830, Boston, MA 02116
781.808.8163  //  sbrown8@gaig.com

Max Forsythe, Regional Sales Manager
US Ecology
19 National Drive, Franklin, MA 02038
508.450.0253  //  mforsythe@nrcc.com

Vin Gandolfo, Environmental Broker
53 State Street, Boston, MA 02109
617.457.4639  //  vin.gandolfo@aon.com

Konrad Kulacki, Senior Scientist
1 Mill & Main Place, Maynard, MA 01754
978.461.4619  //  kkulacki@exponent.com

Sarah Leidinger, GIS Mapping Technician
Golder Associates
670 North Commercial Street, Suite 103, Manchester, NH 03101
603.668.0880  //  Sarah_Leidinger@golder.com

Megan Murphy, Assistant Project Manager
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
5 Commerce Park North, Suite 201, Bedford, NH 03110-6984
603.232.8731  //  megan.murphy@gza.com

Michael Shea, Account Manager
Resource Options, Inc.
200 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA 02494
781.455.7425  //  mshea@resourceoptions.com

Victoria Ward, Assistant Project Manager
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
249 Vanderbilt Avenue | Norwood, MA 02062
781.278.583  //  victoria.ward@gza.com

Committee Members

Membership in the EBC Ascending Professionals Committee is offered to those who participate in at least one EBC Ascending Professionals Program and one other EBC Program, either through the Ascending Professionals or any other program offered by EBC, per calendar year (two programs total – basic requirement). Qualification for membership in the EBC Ascending Professionals Committee for 2020 was based on EBC program participation in 2019.

Click here to view the Ascending Professionals Committee Member List

Abdul-Matin, Tauhirah, AECOM, Department Manager
Ambrosino, Melina, Cherrytree Group, LLC, Executive Vice President
Andresen, Lars, CDW Consultants, Inc., Project Manager
Ballou, Lauren, VHB, Senior Environmental Planner
Beaton, Shannon, Woodard & Curran, Engineer
Belair, Kayla, Resource Options, Inc., Job Coordinator
Bentlage, Rudy, SumCo Eco-Contracting, Landscape Foreman
Bereznai, Cara, Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Engineer
Bevans, Fred, VHB, Environmental Scientist
Bird, Claire, Roux, Associates Business Development
Bogosh, Michaela, CDM Smith, Project Manager
Bonin, Zachary, Coneco Engineers & Scientists, Project Manager
Boynton, Adria, Weston & Sampson, Resiliency Specialist
Brigham, Tom, Geosyntec Consultants
Brown, Kendra, Exponent, Environmental Scientist
Brown, Sarah, Great American, Environmental Underwriter
Brunelle, Marcus, Environmental Partners Group, Inc., Engineer
Buckingham, Jessica, Normandeau Associates, Aquatic Taxonomist
Burns, Sarah, National Grid, Energy Integration Consultant
Burzec, Malwina, Harvard Extension School, Energy Attorney
Butwill, Samantha, Haley & Aldrich, Engineer
Cairns, Taylor, TRC, Scientist III
Campelia, Brian, Golder Associates Inc., Project Engineer
Carbone, Alex, SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC, Stem Intern
Carvalho, Marissa, Environmental Partners Group, Inc., Engineer
Chrzanowski, Jason, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., Senior Project Manager
Clifford, Meghan, SumCo Eco Contracting Company, Sr. Project Coordinator
Clum-Russell, Lauren, SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC, Marketing and Operations Administrator
Connell, Austin, Ramboll, Senior Consultant
Cornell, Annie, TRC Companies, Engineer III
Cornell, Paige, VHB, Environmental Scientist
Corsello, Joe, Sanborn Head & Associates, Inc., Project Manager
Crespo, Cristina, Hazen and Sawyer, Principal Engineer
Damiano, Anthony, GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc., Assistant Project Manager
Davies, Gillian, BSC Group, Inc., Senior Wetland Scientist
DelGreco, Jessica, TRC, Scientist
Detterman, Brook, Beveridge & Diamond, Associate
Doubrava, Alexander, Resource Options, Inc, Senior Job Coordinator
Drollette, Brian, Exponent, Senior Scientist
Eastman, Luke, Raftelis, Consultant
Eaton, Julie, Weston & Sampson, Lead Resiliency Engineer
Englehart, Jessica, GEI Consultants, Project Engineer
Fagan, Brandon, GEI Consultants, Inc., Construction Management Practice Leader/Senior Consultant
Fartushnaya, Oxana, Green International Affiliates, Inc., Environmental Scientist I/Water Resources/Site Group
Fish, Viggo, McLane Middleton, Attorney
Flood, Jennifer, Tetra Tech, Environmental Scientist
Fong-Murdock, Brian, GEI Consultants, Inc., Geologist
Fortin, Kyle, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Assistant Project Manager
Gabriel, Steve, Environmental Partners Group
Gammons, Bryan, Tighe & Bond, Environmental Scientist
Garvey, Kevin, CDM Smith, Project Manager
Gaudreau, Ian, GZA, Engineer I
Gaynor, James, Terracon, Director of Geospatial Solutions
Geary, John, US Ecology, National Remediation Business Manager
Geisler, Rich, RPS Group, Vice President
Georgantas, Jim, Con-Test Analytical Laboratory, Account Manager
Gibbons, Kevin, SGS, Director of Sales & Marketing
Gilbert, Karen, Epsilon Associates, Inc.
Gill-Austern, Davide, Enel X, Senior Energy Analyst
Goldstein, Marc, Beveridge & Diamond, Principal
Goodman, Cara, MAPC, Clean Energy Coordinator
Gorss, Carolyn, Epsilon Associates, Staff Wetland Scientist
Grafton, Bill, Town of Marshfield, Conservation Administrator
Graham, Patricia, EnSafe, Project Geologist
Grbic, Jelena, Tetra Tech, Environmental Scientist
Gregory, Andrew, Cleary Insurance, V.P. Environmental Practice Leader
Grosso, Zach, Geosyntec, Senior Technician II
Hadley, Kayla, Woodard & Curran, Engineer
Higgins, Lilndi, AECOM, Senior Scientist/Project Manager
Hunt, Nathan, de maximis, inc., Project Manager
Im, Ji, CDM Smith, Environmental Engineer
Jensen, Dallin, Sanborn Head, Project Hydrogeologist
Jensen, David, Geosyntec, Senior Staff Professional
Jordan, Meghan, Environmental Partners, Engineer
Kalmykova, Yuliya, Chalmers University, Associate Professor
Kearns, Megan, Epsilon Associates, Project Scientist
Keller, Heidi, Fuss & O’Neill, Inc., Hydrogeologist
Kennedy, Kyle, Globalcycle, General Manager
Kohn, Amanda, KLA, Inc, Sustainability Specialist
Koska, Lee, Weston & Sampson, Project Engineer
Krechko, Jason, GZA, Project Manager
Lanza, Renee, Woodard & Curran, Associate Principal
Little, Nathan, MWRA, Project Manager
Loftus, Katie, Coneco Engineers & Scientists, Project Environmental Scientist
Lundsted, Mike, SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC, Project Coordinator
Lutter, Rich, Trident Environmental Group LLC, Account Manager
Lyons, David, Anderson Kreiger LLP, Associate
Lyons, Patrick, Weston & Sampson, Engineer
Mace, Charlie, Resource Options, Inc., Division Manager
MacIver, Donald, Littleton Sustainability, Committee Member
Macrae, Michael, Harvard University, Energy Analytics Manager
Madden, Matt, Tetra Tech, Senior Project Manager
Mallin, Andrew, ARE, UAS/GIS Solutions Specialist
Marshall, Hannah, Environmental Partners, Engineer
Mattice, Katrina, Stone Environmental, Inc., Project Engineer
Mazzone, Matt, VHB, Environmental Scientist
McDermott, Christopher, TRC, Office Practice Leader
McKinley, Elizabeth, Davey Resource Group, Inc., Project Manager
McLaughlin, Patrick, Environmental Partners Group
Meaney, Jordan, GZA, Intern
Mendes, Mykel, BETA Group, Inc., Environmental Engineer
Merz, Rebecca, Phoenix Environmental Laboratories, Inc., New England Sales Manager
Monroe, Jennifer, Resource Options, Inc., Marketing Associate
Moore, Valerie, Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP, Associate
Moran, Dennis, Tighe & Bond, Project Engineer
Moyer, David
Muir, Haley, Resource Options, Inc., Search Consultant
Murphy, Megan, GZA, Geologist I
Nakolan, Laura, TRC, Scientist
Nolan, Connor, SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC, Project Coordinator
O’Brien, Brendan, Boston Water and Sewer Commission, Project Director of Asset Management
Odell, Jesse, Resource Options Inc., Branch Manager
Paul, Arianna, Green International Affiliates, Inc., Water Resources Engineer
Picone, Anthony, GZA ,Engineer II
Pillsbury-Coyne, Ashley, TRC, Environmental Scientist
Piper, Ashley, Pennichuck Water, GIS Technician
Plummer, Patrick, Resource Options, Search Consultant
Pope, Sarah, Sanborn Head, Project Engineer
Porfilio, Jaclyn, State of Rhode Island, Chief of Staff
Procaccini, Anastasia, SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC, Sr. Project Coordinator
Procaccini, Belle, SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC, Landscape Foreman
Puckett, Katie, Tetra Tech, Environmental Engineer
Qu, Hongzhuo
Rach, Benjamin, GZA, Project Manager
Raymond, Brandon, Geosyntec Consultants, Coastal Engineer
Rimol, Kaitlyn, BSC Group, Ecological Scientist
Roakes, Harrison, Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc., Project Manager
Roberts, Benjamin, Marsh, VP, Energy & Power – US Offshore Wind
Roberts, Cullen, Resource Options, INC, Division Manager
Roberts, Eric, The Nature Conservancy, Coastal Resilience Specialist
Robinson, Katherine, Trident Environmental Group, LLC Account Manager
Rocklin, Sarah, Weston & Sampson, Senior Project Environmental Scientist
Roy, Nikki, Golder Associates, Senior Geologist
Rukakoski, Daniel, Tighe & Bond, Vice President
Ryerson, Jessica, Cherrytree Group, LLC, Compliance Associate
Saccente, Paul, Strategic Environmental Services, Technical Sales Manager
Sarson, Kristen, The Vertex Companies, Inc., Project Manager
Scannell, Sean, Epsilon Associates, Staff Coastal Scientist
Schick, Emily, CDM Smith, Environmental Engineer
Scott, Julia, Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Environmental Engineer
Shaw, Alex, Woods Hole Group, Coastal Engineer
Sheldon, Robert, Coneco Engineers & Scientists, Inc, Project Manager
Siry, Kelly, VHB, Water Resource Designer
Sivonen, Benjamin, The Vertex Companies, Inc., Project Manager
Slimon, Kathleen, GEI Consultants, Inc., Sr. Engineer, Project Manager
Smith, Amanda, Keramida Inc., Environmental Inspector
Snelling, Rebecca, The Vertex Companies, Inc., Project Manager
Sommers, Rhianna, Epsilon Associates, Project Scientist
Southworth, Paul, Boston Water and Sewer Commission, Design Engineer
Spadea, John, U.S. Environmental Rental Corp, National Sales Manager
spencer, amos, Eversource, Environmental Compliance
Sullivan, Meredith, CDM Smith, Environmental Engineer
Thebodo, Jeremy, Alpha Analytical, Technical Sales Associate
Thompson, Jillian, RIDEM, Conservation Engineer
Toft, Meghan, Wilcox & Barton, Inc., Project Engineer
Underwood, Lauren, Environmental Partners Group, Inc., Senior Project Engineer
van der Ven, Grace, Roux Associates, Project Geologist
Vardy, Fiona, Epsilon Associates, Project Planner
Vezga, Jake, Cherrytree Group, LLC, Senior Tax Credit Associate
Vokes, Chelsie, Bowditch & Dewey, Attorney
Ward, Victoria, GZA, Assistant Project Manager
Wassmer, Emily, VHB, Sr. Environmental Geologist
Watts, Bill, Environmental Partners Group, Inc., Engineer
Welch, John, ACV Enviro, Account Executive
Whelan, Cody, Wilcox & Barton, Inc., Project Manager
White, Elizabeth, Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Enginer
White, Nathan, SumCo, Eco-Contracting Team Lead
Wilkins, Katy, Tighe & Bond, Project Environmental Scientist
Willey, Lynn, Tighe & Bond, Senior Environmental Scientist, PG, LEP

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