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TMC Services Inc. Announces New Editions to Their Team

Posted April 10, 2009 by

Bellingham, MA – (April 2009) TMC Services Inc. is excited to announce the addition of Brandon Fagan and Kelly Dillon to their team.

Brandon will be working in the Environmental Remediation Department as our new Director of Technical Services. Before joining TMC Services Inc., Brandon was Vice President of Haley & Aldrich, Inc., in Boston, MA, where he was responsible for managing diversified investigations and design/build and remediation/development projects.

Kelly will be working in the Marketing Department as our new Marketing Associate. Before joining TMC Services, Kelly worked as a Marketing Associate for a leading technology services company, TechTarget, in Needham, MA, providing marketing copy and various unique promotional strategies.

“Kelly and Brandon will be great assets to TMC as we strive to grow and continue to be a top competitor,” Clark says, noting that “we are looking forward to the positive opportunities and outcomes they bring to the table.”

TMC is one of New England’s leading full-service environmental contracting companies offering specialized services to their clients; from the local home owner to the federal government. They provide environmental, construction, and abatement services to owners, general contractors, engineers, and municipal and government agencies, as well as offer 24-hour emergency response across four different regions. Their technical abilities, as well as approach to various problems, largely separate them from their competitors.

TMC works with their clients to find the optimal and most cost efficient solutions for their hazardous and non-hazardous materials. TMC is licensed to transport hazardous waste throughout New England and can handle bulk, liquid and solid materials. They offer a wide range of construction services managed by technically qualified personnel who use a professionally trained staff for project execution.


Meridian Associates Announces Acquisition of Sustainnovation Consulting, Inc.

Posted April 10, 2009 by
Sustainnovation complements Meridian with a full suite of sustainability services that help businesses reduce both environmental impacts and operations costs

BEVERLY, Mass.  –  April 8, 2009 – Meridian Associates, Inc., a leading provider of Renewable Energy, Engineering and Laser Scanning services today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Sustainnovation Consulting, Inc., a Concord, MA-based sustainability consulting firm. Sustainnovation?s services address waste, energy, facilities and systems with business strategies that drive operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and improve brand value and social responsibility. With the addition of Sustainnovation Consulting’s comprehensive services, Meridian Associates enhances its portfolio to include energy strategy, efficiency, conservation, waste reduction and diversion, sustainability assessment and policy development, and frameworks for education and training.

“Meridian Associates and Sustainnovation Consulting have a shared vision that is focused on integrating environmental stewardship, economic development and the well-being of people, today and for future generations,” according to Don Bowen, principal of Meridian Associates.  “We at Meridian Associates are extremely excited about the acquisition of Sustainnovation Consulting , and we believe our combined offerings are in line with the future needs of industry and the public interest to offset environmental impacts with innovative strategies that make good business sense.”

“With consumers and stakeholders holding the Climate Crisis high on their agenda, those businesses that do not adapt will face increased scrutiny and as a result, diminished market share. Organizations across North America are quickly realizing the strategic value of sustainability as a means of reducing costs, reducing carbon emissions and improving their role in the community,” said Rob Howe, President of Sustainnovation Consulting. “Joining forces with Meridian Associates enables us to extend our services and open new markets while we forge opportunities to promote sustainable and green initiatives.”

With this acquisition, Sustainnovation Consulting becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Associates.  Rob Howe, a co-founder of the firm, will manage the new division as its president.

About Sustainnovation Consulting
Sustainnovation Consulting empowers enterprises of all kinds to realize the benefits of a sustainable strategy and, in the process, increase their profitability, reduce their costs, increase their credibility with and in support of the community, and renew their relationship with the environment for the better.  Sustainnovation Consulting founders Rob Howe and Mark Myles came together with a common passion: to improve their communities, to combat global warming, and to implement sustainability as a core strategy for institutions of all kinds.

About Meridian Associates
Meridian Associates, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary planning, civil engineering, land surveying and landscape architecture firm. Meridian offers land development and infrastructure consulting services to corporate, commercial, industrial, institutional and public sector clients. The firm is headquartered in Beverly, MA with regional offices in Westborough, MA, Houston, TX, and Cherry Hill, NJ. To learn more about Meridian Associates, Inc., visit them at www.meridianassoc.com or contact them at 800-466-5505.


Ames & Gough’s Herlihy to Speak at Industry Event

Posted April 10, 2009 by

Quincy, Mass./April 9, 2009 – Mike Herlihy, an executive vice president and equity partner with Ames & Gough, will moderate and participate in a panel discussion at the May meeting of the New England Chapter of the Design-Build Institute of America. The panel will focus on “Integrated Project Delivery Concepts for Design-Build Projects.” The meeting will be held on May 11, 2009, at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, Mass., from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Mr. Herlihy is a frequent speaker on professional liability and risk management issues for architects and engineers. Prior to joining Ames & Gough, he led the professional liability underwriting group for a leading insurer of architects and engineers. He holds the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation from the American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America. He is a graduate of Boston College.

For more information about the meeting and the New England Chapter of the Design-Build Institute of America, send an e-mail to jmkoloski@cox.net.

Ames & Gough is an industry-focused specialty insurance broker founded in 1991. We serve only three industry segments: architects/engineers, contractors and construction professionals, and law firms. We provide active support on matters ranging from professional liability insurance to property/casualty coverages to management liability and directors and officers liability. Our clients are domiciled in 40 states, and we consult on their risk and insurance issues around the world from offices in Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.


Nuka Research and Planning Group Working with Agencies, Industry, and Stakeholders to Develop Oil Spill Response Plans for North Shore Communities

Posted April 9, 2009 by

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has contracted with Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC to facilitate a project designed to protect sensitive shoreline areas from oil spill impacts.  The North Shore Geographic Response Plan (GRP) project is being funded by MassDEP through the Oil Spill Act Fund.  A project working group is being led by MassDEP, the U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA, and Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, with participation from other state and federal agencies as well as the oil transportation and storage industry, local communities, and stakeholders.  A kick-off planning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, 2009 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the NOAA Fisheries Service, Northeast Regional Office in Gloucester.

GRP are oil spill response plans tailored to protect a specific sensitive area from impacts following a spill. These response plans are map-based strategies that can save time during the critical first few hours of an oil spill response. They show responders where sensitive areas are located and where to place oil spill protection resources.

Nuka Research has already completed projects to develop GRP for the Cape and Island region, and to revise and update GRP in Buzzards Bay (project was conducted in collaboration with the Coalition for Buzzards Bay).  The North Shore GRP project will build on this earlier work and will contribute to the overall level of oil spill preparedness planning in Massachusetts.  The GRP complement ongoing efforts by MassDEP to purchase and position oil spill response trailers in coastal communities.  The GRP show local responders how they may deploy the oil spill boom and other equipment in the MassDEP equipment trailers.

The GRP development process involves selecting sites based on their environmental sensitivity, vulnerability to oil spill impacts, and feasibility of being protected using available resources.  The sites are they surveyed by boat, and tactics are developed based on the site specifics and the protection priority.  The draft GRP are reviewed by the working group, and once finalized are incorporated into the State/Federal Area Plan for Oil Spill and Hazardous Materials Response.  The process of developing GRP brings together diverse groups in a non-emergency setting to discuss environmental sensitivities, protection priorities, response strategies, and response constraints.  GRP development fosters local buy-in and creates realistic expectations for protecting sensitive areas from oil spill impacts.

For more information about the North Shore GRP project and the upcoming kick-off meeting, visit the project website at http://grp.nukaresearch.com/NSgroup.htm

About Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC

Nuka Research is an environmental consulting firm specializing in oil spill preparedness and response, all hazards emergency management, marine environmental policy analysis, port and harbor management, and marine transportation.  Nuka Research has developed GRP for over 800 sites in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  We have offices in Massachusetts and Alaska, and our talented staff in both places strives to provide customized, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to marine environmental planning projects.  (Our home office in Seldovia, Alaska is a bit dusty from the ashfall from recent Mt. Redoubt eruptions.)

We take our name and our inspiration from Nuka Bay, a remote inlet in the Northern Gulf of Alaska filled with crystal glaciers, pristine shorelines, abundant wildlife, and grand scenic views.



Orr & Reno Accepted into the NH Environmental Services’ Aspiring Leaders Program

Posted April 9, 2009 by

Orr & Reno, PA was recently accepted as the first law firm in the state to participate in the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Aspiring Leaders program in. Orr & Reno is a full-service law firm located in Concord, New Hampshire with a statewide presence and a strong commitment to conserving resources and protecting the environment.

The Aspiring Leaders program is a voluntary program that encourages better environmental performance.  It is the first tier of the NH Environmental Leadership Initiative for New Hampshire businesses that improve the state’s economy and environment. The New Hampshire Environmental Leadership Initiative was created in December 2007 to achieve sustainability through adoption of best business practices.  By signing a pledge of environmental performance and setting goals for best practices in reduction and recycling of office paper, Orr & Reno has been accepted into the program for the period 2008-2011. The firm committed to recycle all of its office paper within the next three years, among other things, and to provide yearly progress reports to the state. In addition, the firm has started purchasing 30% post-consumer content recycled paper to further improve their environmental performance.
“Orr & Reno is very proud to be the first law firm in the state to achieve  ‘Aspiring Leader’ status in New Hampshire’s Environmental Leadership Initiative,” said the firm’s President, John A. Malmberg.  “Our law firm is committed to adopting best practices to preserve resources, protect the environment and save costs to our clients.”