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WGA Ranked Largest Independent Broker in New England

Posted July 31, 2008 by

William Gallagher Associates (WGA) has again been ranked as one of the Top 100 Brokers in the U.S. by Business Insurance, the leading periodical to the commercial insurance industry. The firm continues to be the highest ranked independently-owned firm in New England for the past seven years. WGA comes in at #59 on the latest list for the year ending 2007 with an increase of 10.13%, based on total gross revenue from commercial retail brokerage and employee benefits generated within the U.S. In 2006, WGA was ranked #63.

For full press release, visit http://www.wgains.com/


CL Solutions Files for Patent for Destroying Ammunition Contaminants in Ground Water

Posted July 28, 2008 by

CL Solutions, in partnership with an Army contractor, completes successful treatability study on ground water contaminated with ammunition contaminants.

Cincinnati, Ohio. – July 26, 2008 – CL Solutions, a leader in the field of aerobic bioremediation, today announced that it has filed a patent for the process of bioremediation of ammunition contaminants from ground water using the company’s consortium of organisms, or pseudomonas, called CL‐Out. The filing comes after CL Solutions and an Army contractor, completed a successful ground water treatability study at a former Army ammunition plant. The study was performed on water contaminated with the explosive dinitrotoluene, or DNT.

Ground water contamination, at the former ammunition plant, is being controlled with a pump and treat system, which requires significant energy and also disposes of the water following the treatment. In an effort to find a more economical and environmentally friendly process, a treatability study was performed to verify if CL‐Out could degrade the DNT isomers present in the ground water, determine whether the degradation was complete, verify that degradation could meet the site clean‐up standards, and determine whether a ground water substrate would be necessary.

“The results of the treatability study showed that all six DNT isomers treated with CL‐Out were degraded in the ground water samples. After the successful study, we felt that a patent would protect our product and process. The next step is to conduct a field pilot study to verify that the treatability study results can be achieved in‐situ. We are confident that the outcome of the pilot study will be similar to the treatability study, and that we have a cost‐effective and environmentally friendly approach to remediate contaminants for military facilities around the world.” said Mike Saul, Vice President of CL Solutions, LLC.

The treatability study consisted of treating two identical ground water samples as microcosms and a third identical untreated sample maintained under the same conditions as a standard for comparison. One of the microcosms received a dosage of CL‐Out; the other was treated with CL‐Out and dextrose, which was added to determine whether a carbon source was necessary to support microbial growth. Samples were taken from each microcosm prior to treatment and at intervals of 2, 7, 14, 21 and 29 days.

The treatability study determined that CL‐Out can degrade the DNT isomers present in the ground water; the degradation was complete in the microcosm and could meet the site clean‐up standards without the addition of dextrose. Saul added, “While we are still very early in the testing phase, if things go as we anticipate, our process should help clean the ground water contamination faster and with less energy, and reduce the operational costs of the clean‐up as well as the carbon footprint of the DNT treatment. Should our process meet the requirements for DNT clean‐up, it is likely that the same treatment will also work for other ammunition contaminants, such as TNT.”

About CL Solutions
A leader in the field of bioremediation, CL Solutions rapidly and affordably bioremediates soil and groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. The company’s products, CLOut and Petrox, have been field‐proven to work faster, work better, and cost less than other hazardous waste cleanup solutions. Amy Pollock of Manchester, New Hampshire is the North East Regional Manager for CL Solutions and can be contacted at http://www.cl‐solutions.com.


“e” inc. Presents the Green City of the Future, Solar Car Races and Kids’ View on Global Warming

Posted July 24, 2008 by

“e” inc. Presents the Green City of the Future, Solar Car Races and Kids’ View on Global Warming at Children’s Museum Green Transportation Fair, Sat. July 26, 11am-4pm

Boston, MA (July 23, 2008) — Investigating local car use, having solar car races, and drawing a kid’s view of a future with no cars will be part of a special workshop to create greater awareness of global warming and green transit on Saturday, July 26, from 11 am to 4 pm at Boston’s Children’s Museum. The workshop has been designed by e” inc. to teach kids about global warming and how walking, biking and mass transit help make the world a greener place.

Throughout the day-long workshop, kids and their families will take data, make a mural, do a survey, and make pledges. In this way, they will learn how cars (including their own) contribute to global warming and how they can lower their carbon footprint when they walk and take the train. The workshop is part of the Children Museum’s Green Transportation Fair.

e” inc. is the organization dedicated to helping children understand the science that underpins the environment its relevance to their lives and, most importantly, their capacity to act as agents of positive change.

For more information, contact Dr. Ricky Stern at 617-227-1522 or drickystern@e-action.us


Mabbett & Associates, Inc. Awarded 5th Consecutive Health & Safety Training Grant

Posted July 15, 2008 by

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. (M&A), Environmental Consultants & Engineers of Bedford, MA has been awarded a maximum available $25,000 grant from the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents’ Occupational Safety & Health Education and Training Program for a fifth consecutive year. Since 2004, under the DIA grant program, M&A has trained over 125 companies and 1,500 researchers, facility/maintenance managers, emergency response team members, environmental health & safety managers, wastewater treatment plant operators, and manufacturing employees.

Every fiscal year, the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents awards $800,000 in safety training grants to various organizations; these grants have provided funding that has trained nearly 225,000 Massachusetts workers since 1991. This highly successful grant program provides monies for workplace safety training aimed at workers throughout the Commonwealth.

Organizations that have received safety training grants in years past include professional service companies like M&A, manufacturers, health care providers, labor unions, trade organizations, educational institutions and public employers. The grants are not limited to specific types of training. Any safety training program that seeks to improve the safety of the workplace is eligible for funding. Grant applications are available each year from the Office of Safety for health and safety training grants. Information about the grant program is available on the Office of Safety’s website.

M&A’s training under the grant program focuses on Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training including First Responder Operations Level Training. The training is provided on-site at Massachusetts employer sites and in open enrollment programs. Anyone interested in learning more about the training program should contact Leif Longtine at M&A.

M&A is an award-winning firm and provides integrated multi-disciplinary consulting and engineering services in environmental, health and safety management, waste minimization/pollution prevention, site assessment and restoration, environmental pollution control, occupational safety and health, and training to industry, commercial enterprise and public agencies. For more information regarding M&A, visit the firm’s website at www.mabbett.com.


Tom Mackie, John Shea and Michelle O’Brien of Mackie, Shea O’Brien, PC have been listed in the 2008 edition of The Best Lawyers in America for Environmental Law

Posted July 7, 2008 by

Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. For a quarter century, we have helped lawyers and clients find legal counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions or unfamiliar specialties.

Best Lawyers compiles lists of outstanding attorneys by conducting exhaustive peer-review surveys in which thousands of leading lawyers confidentially evaluate their professional peers. In the U.S., Best Lawyers publishes an annual referral guide, The Best Lawyers in America, which includes 29,575 attorneys in 78 specialties, covering all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The current, 14th edition of The Best Lawyers in America (2008), is based on more than two million detailed evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers.

Tom Mackie, John Shea and Michelle O’Brien of Mackie, Shea O’Brien, PC have been listed in the 2008 edition of The Best Lawyers in America for environmental law.