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The EBC Nicholas Humber Environmental-Energy Award for Outstanding Collaboration

nicholas humberThis award, established by resolution of the Board of Directors on March 4, 2002, recognizes an environmentally-related endeavor which is a joint or shared project between an EBC member and another person or entity and which reflects the global environmental values and human spirit exemplified by Nicholas Humber.

Nicholas Humber (1941-2001) President, Brae Burn Management, was an active member of the EBC. He served as the chair of the EBC’s Innovative Technology Committee from 1997 to 2000 and prior to that chaired the International Business Committee. It was a tragic loss to Nick’s family and friends and the EBC when it was learned that he was a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 11, which crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Nick earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer and received a master’s degree from the Wharton Graduate School at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked tirelessly for the environment, beginning in 1971 when he joined the newly created U.S. EPA and co-founded the national waste-to-energy and recycling programs. As an adviser to the World Bank, a founder of Energia Global, and past president of BioMed of Boston, Nick’s life and career was committed to improving the quality of the environment for current and future generations.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 EBC Nicholas Humber Environmental-Energy Award for Outstanding Collaboration Award

Award Project: Muddy River Flood Risk Mitigation and Restoration Project

In Recognition for the Daylighting and Restoration of the Muddy River to Reduce Flooding Risk and Restore Urban Green Space, True to Frederick Law Olmsted’s Original Concept

Muddy River Flood Risk Management and Restoration Project from Charter Contracting Company on Vimeo

Award Recipients:

  • Charter Contracting Company, LLC
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – New England District
  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  • City of Boston
  • Town of Brookline
  • GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
  • Fort Hill Companies LLC
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