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EBC Climate Change Program: Adaptation – Vulnerability Assessments and Preparedness Planning

March 5, 2013 @ 7:30 am – 12:00 pm

Superstorm Sandy has awoken long-overdue attention to the need to plan and act now to adjust to coming ocean rise, warmer temperatures and climate change.

Climate change is among the greatest environmental challenges of this generation, with potentially profound effects on the economy, public health, water resources, infrastructure, coastal resources, energy demand, natural resources, and recreation. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is committed to doing its part to mitigate and adapt to this challenge, recognizing the necessity of engaging in adaptation planning today by taking a close look at strategies that could help the state become more resilient and ready to adapt to climate change as it occurs.

Vulnerability assessments are a key element to successful climate change adaptation as they reveal what systems, species, populations, entities, etc. are most vulnerable to expected climatic changes. With the increased recognition of the utility of vulnerability assessments, efforts to conduct these assessments are becoming more and more common.

This two part series of EBC climate change programs on adaptation will first focus on vulnerability assessments and preparedness planning and feature speakers at the front lines of conducting vulnerability assessments and developing preparedness plans. The second program (April 11, 2013) will focus on mitigation and actions to take to increase resiliency.

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