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Below is a list of programs being planned by EBC. If you are interested in participating in the development of one of these programs, or have suggestions for speakers/panelists, please send and email Ann Gisinger at agisinger@ebcne.org.

To see the upcoming programs that have been posted and have open registration please visit the EBC Calendar.

Please note: Program dates, titles, and locations for the programs below are subject to change.


July 2018

  • July 17 – EBC PCB Management Program: Managing PCB Impacted Building Materials
  • July 18 – Rhode Island Program: Brownfields: Success Stories and Lessons Learned
  • July 20 – Solid Waste Management Program: Innovative Technology

September 2018

  • September 6 – Rhode Island PCB Intermediate Program: How to Successfully Manage PCBs in Buildings and/or the Environment
  • September 11 – Connecticut Remediation and Redevelopment Program: Evaluation and Closure of NAPL Sites in Connecticut
  • September 13 – Rhode Island Briefing from U.S. EPA Regional Administrator Alexandra Dunn
  • September 14 – New Hampshire Program: Brownfields Programs in New Hampshire
  • September 18 – Solid Waste Management Program: MassDEP Regional Solid Waste Section Chiefs
  • September 25 – MassDEP Program Series: Update from the Central Regional Leadership Team
  • September 26 – Ocean & Coastal Resources Program: Coastal Resiliency and Marine Spatial Planning

October 2018

  • October 2 – MassDEP Program Series: Update from the Southeast Region Leadership Team
  • October 3 – Rhode Island Program: Contaminants of Emerging Concern: UPDATE on PFAS
  • October 11 – Ocean and Coastal Resources Program: Living Shorelines
  • October 19 – Connecticut Program: Update on Solid Waste Management in Connecticut
  • October 23 – Solid Waste Management Program: Landfill Leachates: A Source for PFOA’s and Other Emerging Pollutants
  • October 25 – Connecticut Program: Advanced Management of PCB in Remediation