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Pierce Atwood. There’s a Reason… There’€™s a reason why informed decision makers nationwide turn to Pierce Atwood LLP. It’€™s the same reason why, for the fourth year in a row, Pierce Atwood is one of only twenty mid-sized law firms selected by the National Law Journal for its “Midsize Hot List.” And the reason is not just that Pierce Atwood delivers exceptional service and value to its clients. It’€™s “€œhow” we do it. We start by attracting and retaining superb legal talent. We add to that a cost structure and a partnership system that allows us to put our clients first in all instances and to offer a reasonable rate structure including options for alternative fee arrangements, in addition to the billable hour. By rewarding our attorneys for teamwork and collaboration, rather than “originations,” our clients get the right lawyer for the right job.



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