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Below is a listing of individuals interested in positions with environmental and energy companies and organizations. Posting to the EBC Career Center is complimentary for job seekers. If you are interested in one of the following job seekers please contact him or her directly as the EBC Career Center is a host for these postings and is not a direct contact.

Name Resume Field of Interest
Mahrukh Anwar View Environmental Scientist; Geologist; Remediation; Environmental Consultation
Matthew Giordano View Environmental Engineering
Karen Rave View Environmental Engineering
Alexander Sousa View Marine Affairs and Regulation; Aqueous Geochemistry; Water Quality Analysis; Field Work
Shamae Burrell View Environmental Consulting; Environmental Law; Environmental Compliance / Risk Assessment
K. Claire Hilsinger View Consulting; Botany; Wetlands
Elizabeth Lahti View Project Engineering
Douglas McPherson View Environmental Science; Regulatory Affairs; Environmental Policy
Jonathan Lewis View Environmental Science; Geotechnical & Geology
Ethan Machemer View Environmental Science; Fisheries; Conservation Biology
M. Douglas Dagan View Environmental Law & Policy; Energy Law & Policy; Corporate Social Responsibility