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Below is a listing of individuals interested in positions with environmental and energy companies and organizations. Posting to the EBC Career Center is complimentary for job seekers. If you are interested in one of the following job seekers please contact him or her directly as the EBC Career Center is a host for these postings and is not a direct contact.

Name Resume Field of Interest
Katherine Andrews View Environmental Industry
Sejal Shah View Electric Vehicle Market & Infrastructure; Energy Storage Market
George Kusserow View Advocacy; Public Policy; Impact Investing
Franco Cordano View Environmental planning; Consulting; Policy & Operations Management
Hayley Leonard View Natural Resource Management; Sustainability; Event Planning; Outreach; Research
Eunyque D. Sykes View Consulting
Joseph Wright View Ecology; Agriculture; Forestry; Fisheries
Zachary Jaffe View Environmental Services
Melissa Downes View Clean Energy Policy; Program Management; FinTech Skills
Nathan Van Meter View Environmental Science; Sustainability; Water Quality Analysis; Bioremediation
Marissa Gabriel View Environmental Science; Urban Ecology; Environmental Engineering; Mycology
Zebulon Davis View Environmental Engineering
Matthew Garamella View Energy and transportation planning; analysis; research; and cartography