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Employment at EBC

Employment with the EBC is an exciting opportunity to work with leaders from across the environmental and energy industry. EBC staff work closely with the Executive Director to manage EBC operations, programs, meetings, and membership.

There are no available positions with the EBC at this time.

A new internship opportunity is posted below.

Employment at EBC Member Companies

Interested in a position with an EBC Member company? The EBC Career Center is a great way to find a job in the environmental and energy sector. Open positions are posted to the Job Listings page and job seekers are welcome to post a resume to the EBC’s Resume Listings page.


Internships at EBC

The EBC accepts interns for the fall and spring semesters as well as for limited summer hours. The intern’s responsibilities will primarily entail office work, including data entry and maintenance of various databases. The intern should be familiar with social media and will assist with the upkeep of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. He/she may also be responsible for various business or environmental related projects, and gain valuable exposure to the industry, as well as to business operations in general. Apart from the intern’s in-office duties, there will be multiple events that the intern will have the option of attending and working. This will provide training in networking, administration, and events planning.

The job description is broad and applicants should be prepared to handle multiple tasks at once. The individual should be proactive, outgoing, and maintain a professional demeanor. The EBC is constantly seeking new and improved ways of doing things so an active thinker and creative mind is desirable. Applicants should be familiar with Microsoft Office. Preferable candidates will have a strong passion for the environment and sustainability; however, we will be looking for someone who can also help with some marketing and public relations. Applicants should have good writing skills and a stellar work ethic.

*New* Internship Opportunity – Fall Marketing Internship

The EBC is offering a Fall Marketing Internship to an individual with a marketing and design background to assist the organization in a branding and marketing campaign.  The intern will work directly with the EBC team and have the creative license to dig into the EBC’s past and current marketing tools and make a real difference in how the organization is branded.

The intern will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing existing EBC marketing tools, including email, website, and signage
  • Review current EBC branding and language, especially on the website
  • Study the effectiveness of EBC’s marketing tools using available data
  • Review EBC’s use of social media

Upon completion of the internship, the intern will:

  • Provide updated branding and language for the EBC website and implement a branding strategy for the organization
  • Recommend  changes and updates to EBC marketing tools
  • Recommend changes and updates to EBC’s social media presence

The EBC will provide the intern the opportunity to build his or her professional portfolio and work directly with the EBC staff on a project that will have immediate results.

EBC expects the intern to spend 10-12 hours per week on this project. The intern is expected to meet with EBC staff at least once every two weeks. This is a one semester, unpaid internship position with the opportunity to extend into a second semester per the project’s needs.

To apply please email ebc@ebcne.org with the subject line “EBC Fall 2014 Internship”.